Resized_20170530_091816My teaching experience comes primarily from teaching trombone to students at a need based inner-city music school called W.O. Smith in Nashville, TN and teaching trombone and euphonium to students in Aspen, CO.

My philosophy when approaching trombone is to center my focus on developing a personal and expressive musical language in conjunction with great technique and sound. This philosophy is also my main goal when teaching. Emphasis will also be placed on doing fundamentals at a high level without compromising the music. I believe it is important to teach students early on that there is more to the music than what is written on the page. That being said, I will still make sure the students have the technical tools to achieve success with any variety of music.

A typical first lesson is to gauge the student’s general interests and musical interests. What genres of music do you like? Why did you choose your instrument? Do you have a favorite musical memory? I would then ask the student to play something for me so I can determine where there are gaps in technique, how they interpret the music on their own, etc. From there, I will devise a plan with exercises that practice their fundamentals and their reading ability. Depending on the student, I will also give them an individual daily routine that they should do every day for their practice sessions.

During these lessons, students will be assigned music and/or fundamental exercises in addition to non-musical assignments such as research or listening. All assignments are expected to be diligently prepared for the next lesson time. This holistic approach gives students a broader context into the music that they are playing, so that they aren’t just reading notes off of a page. 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like more information about lessons.